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Soul Splitter

The three forms of Death, after using the Soul Splitter

Soul Splitter is an ability in Darksiders II, granted to the First Horseman, Death, after he retrieves the Dead Court for the Lord of Bones, ruler of the Kingdom of the Dead. It is believed that this ability is granted to him as a reward, given that the previous ability given by the Lord of Bones, Interdiction, became useless when the Dead King had the Dead Court executed for betraying him.

In practice, Soul Splitter allows Death to utilize similar abilities to Interdiction all by himself. When it is used, Death's soul is removed from his body, which transforms into stone, and then split into two. The result is two "Deaths" formed of spiritual energy, one green and one purple. The statue that represents Death's real body (which, curiously, depicts his Reaper Form, not his normal self) is invulnerable, and it can be used to weigh down pressure plates, and can be moved if left on a movable object such as an elevator, but is otherwise useless. The other two Deaths control just like the real thing, being able to run, jump, and attack in any way Death could normally. The player can switch between which Death they are controlling at will, allowing them to complete puzzles the normal Death would be unable to complete by himself. When the ability is cancelled (by the player selecting it again from the ability screen), both spiritual Deaths cease to exist as the two halves of Death's soul are re-combined and placed back in his body, which transforms back from stone to flesh.

Soul Splitter can be used in combat, though it is not advised, as both of the spiritual Death copies can take damage, and only one of them can be controlled at a time.

If either of the two spiritual clones walks too far from Death's body, the ability will be automatically cancelled and the normal Death will emerge again. The player is given a visual warning before this happens, as the screen becomes distorted as they approach the limits of the ability's reach.