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A thousand years, the crown has lied. Its true owner cast aside. The kingdom ruled by hate and fear. You will regret coming here...
Soul Arbiter

Soul Arbiter is the final boss after reaching the end of The Soul Arbiter's Maze.



According to the Chancellor, the Soul Arbiter opposed the Lord of Bones' rule and became one of the monarch's greatest opponents. Retreating into his maze enabled him to avoid the Dead King's fury and he remained a fierce rival for millennia, passing judgment on the souls of the dead.

Darksiders II[]

When Death arrived in the Kingdom of the Dead, the Chancellor tasked the Horseman with braving the maze and slaying the Arbiter, with the added request that he retrieve the Crown of the Dead, which the Chancellor desired for himself.

Death managed to make his way through the maze and duelled the Soul Arbiter, eventually emerging the victor. Realising that the Crown carried a powerful enchantment that incites greed, Death wisely chose to not give it to the Chancellor.



Darksiders 2 Soul Arbiter Apocalptic

The Soul Arbiter uses a fighting style very similar to Phariseer, attacking with powerful mace blows and energy slams. Skills such as Aegis Guard can be extremely useful in limiting the damage taken whilst Unstoppable can help quickly decrease the Arbiter's large amount of health. It is best to attack the boss just after he finishes one of his attacks otherwise Death can be caught in the middle of a combo which can deplete his life very rapidly.

The Soul Arbiter will create a barrier around himself and summon minions each time his health is depleted by one quarter. When his life force is almost empty, he will summon an Undead General and continue to attack Death through his energy barrier. Slay the General as quickly as possible to remove the Arbiter's shielding and then finish him off.


Defeating him will reward you with Gilt, the Executioner's Hooks and The Crown of the Dead talisman. This is the last fight of The Chancellor's Quarry side quest in the Kingdom of the Dead, returning to the Chancellor will complete the quest.