Race Undead
Size Medium
Means of Travel By Foot
Affiliation Kingdom of the Dead
Main Weapon Sword, Mace, Bows
Armor Light
Type of Attack Melee
Enemies Death

Skeletons are weak enemies found in Darksiders II, similar to Undead from Darksiders. They are mostly found in The Kingdom of the Dead.


Skeletons will attack relentlessly, but mindlessly and with little strategy. Their attacks don't do much damage, and they tend to be easily interrupted. In addition, even the strongest varieties don't have much health and rely on numbers to turn the tide of battle against Death. Evade as you avoid becoming surrounded and cut them down with swift combos. Since they are so numerous, you can sometimes hit many targets with a single Teleport Slash gaining a lot of health back in the process.

Skeletal Archers are similar but carry bows and attack from range, while Skeleton Champions are larger and carry two-handed clubs.


  • Ice Skeleton - Ice Skeletons are chilling versions of Skeletons which are mainly found in The Veil during the introduction/tutorial.
  • Skeleton - Weak but numerous enemies first encountered in The Kingdom of the Dead. They attack with swords and wear no armour.
  • Skeletal Warrior - A stronger variety that are often found leading packs of weaker Skeletons. They wear light armour and have larger swords.
  • The Host - These are spectral, incorporeal Skeletons which are summoned by The Wailing Host and also by Liches. It is best to ignore these and focus on the Lich, since it can summon almost infinite amounts of Host to keep you occupied.


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