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War trapped within Iron Canopy, one area of the Loom.

Silitha's Loom is a part of the Ashlands, and where Silitha made her lair. Due to the prevalence of objects such as wheelchairs, this area is thought to have been a hospital before the Apocalypse. War was captured by Silitha's children and imprisonned within Iron Canopy, one of the areas of the Loom. Upon freeing himself, War travels through the gigantic nest, obtaining the Abyssal Chain in order to traverse the Loom. War discovers a large web that serves as a barrier between Silitha's chamber and the rest of the Loom, and must slay 4 smaller arachnid-like creatures to remove the seals that keep the web in place. From here, there is one more opponent before Silitha, a crystal-backed creature called the Broodmother. The Abyssal Chain is needed to obtain a cocoon (presumably holding a recent victim) and once distracted by the snack, the Tremor Gauntlet is used to shatter the creature's protective carapace and reveal a weak point. Upon killing the Broodmother, War enters the final room, converses with Silitha (and learns the truth about the Chosen) and defeats her to secure the final Heart of the Chosen for Samael.