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Grim Talisman

Grim Talisman

Shaman's Craft is a side quest appearing in Darksiders II. It is given by the Maker Shaman Muria, and can be obtained through dialogue by Death at their first meeting. It will require Death to collect Stalker's Bone, Mordant Dew, and Carven Stone that Muria will then use to create the Grim Talisman.


  1. Track down Karn and speak with him
    • Karn can initially be found fighting corrupted constructs just outside The Cauldron.
  2. Harvest some Stalker's Bone from a Stalker
    • ​A Stalker can be located inside the Cauldron fighting corrupted constructs in a large round room containing a chest with a key inside.
  3. Return to Karn and ask about Mordant Dew
    • ​After completing Fire of the Mountain, Karn can be found in Stonefather's Vale, at the western gate leading to Shadow Gorge.
  4. Harvest some Mordant Dew from a Stinger
    • Stingers can be found in Shadow Gorge, near the entrance to the Shattered Forge, as well as in the Drenchfort.
  5. Return to Karn and ask him about Carven Stone
    • After completing Tears of the Mountain and receiving the Maker's Key, Karn can be located just outside the Lost Temple.
  6. Harvest Carven Stone from a Construct Sentinel
    • A Construct Sentinel can be found inside the Lost Temple, in the first large room after a short cutscene.
  7. Return to Muria with the materials
    • ​Return to Tri-Stone and speak with Muria.

​Note that the locations for Karn assume that this side quest is being done in tandem with the main questline. If the Foundry has been completed Karn will remain in the Maker's Forge.


After returning the ingredients Muria will give Death the Grim Talisman, an item that will build reaper energy with every successful attack.