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Ds caster1
Type of Creature Demon
Mode of Travel Magical Flight
Genders Male
Eyes Blind
Additional Features Rely on other senses to see, magical casters (Mostly fire.), Can float.
Racial Status
Affiliation Hell
Occupation Spellcasters
Partner(s) Lesser demons
Weapons Magic
First Appearance
Debut Darksiders

The Shadowcaster (or merely the Caster in some cases) is a resilient spellcasting demon War encounters in the Iron Canopy, and occasionally in the challenges of the Shadow Lurkers. It is known that a journey through the Destroyer's kingdom is one few survive. His servants watch every street, with ears cocked for the slightest sound and eyes open for the slightest movement. And some, like the serpentine Shadowcasters, are impossible to evade. These demons do not rely on sight- they can taste vibrations on their snaking tongues.

An errant soft footfall on the powdered ash will drive them to a murderous frenzy. Once their prey is targeted, the Caster's clawed hands knead energy into crackling balls of fire, which explode in all directions. This hell-bred beast will attack until it tastes the sweetest vibration of all- the last shallow beat of a dying heart.

Appearance and Difficulty[]

Shadowcasters look like half snake, half humanoid creatures that float in the air. Their attacks are predominantly fire spells, and are not able to be knocked further into the air. They do not get knocked around as much by attacks like most demons, and are able to be very evasive during battle.

Shadowcasters will continue to float in the air, attempting to engulf War in an inferno to kill him. When weakened enough, Shadowcasters will fall to the ground, allowing War to finish them off by slashing and then impaling them with his blade.