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Sod scythe weapon

The "Shadow of Death" armor set

The Shadow of Death Armor is an armor set in Darksiders II which can only be obtained by acquiring the Collector's Edition, or downloaded from PSN Store for 1.99 USD. The set is essentially composed of black armor that produces a green glow and also grants the use of a pair of dual scythes.


Sod bodyBody

  • Item Level:5
  • Defense:34
  • Type:Light Armor

Sod bootsBoots

  • Item Level:5
  • Defense:14
  • Type:Light Armor

Sod gloveGloves

  • Item Level:5
  • Defense:29
  • Type:Light Armor

Sod shoulderShoulder

  • Item Level: 5
  • Defense: 36
  • Type: Light Armor
Dlc doublescytheb01


  • Item Level: 5
  • Damage: 78-88
  • Reaper Energy per Crit: 3

Locations Edit

How to access in the Deathfinitive edition

The armor will be found in the City of the Dead.  Head to the 4th floor platform that emits a green beam to open doors then drop down. Next, look around the room as you are now on the 3rd floor and when you see beams to go up the wall, use them to go back up to the 4th floor eastern room. Then, enter the doors and wall run to next part of the area beyond the doors. Look around and break all skull posts and a hidden chest will appear containing this set.

For the Shadow of Death scythes, you need to visit Sentinel's Gaze then it's at the very end of Boneriven on the 3rd floor.