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Shadow Realm is a realm seen by Demons and entities with higher sentience.


It is a part of the regular realm, though hidden and available only to few beings. There are some creatures, demons for instance, such as Shadow Lurkers, that dwell in this realm and can't be seen unless in this domain. It is here where the Destroyer hid the seven Armageddon Blade Shards.


It is revealed that War once was able to visit Shadow Realm freely. However, after being stripped of much of his power by the Charred Council he lost this ability as well.

War visits this realm on several occasions. In order to progress further in his quest he needs to free the Tormented Gates by doing two sets of Shadow Challenges. Much later, as he comes to an end of his journey Archangel Azrael grants him the Mask of Shadows so that War gains the ability to visit Shadow Realm at will.

Darksiders II[]

In Darksiders II, Achidna's realm of Yisilik is also referred to as "The Shadow Realm" by the Chancellor.