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Shadow's Edge

Shadow's Edge is the infernal realm of Demons ruled by Samael. It is a dark and foreboding place; ash and shadow are prevalent in this unholy land.

At the center of this unholy place stands a once mighty stronghold known as the Black Stone. Corruption has taken hold of the fortress, but Death must find a way to confront its master.


Death: This place looks familiar.
Crowfather: As well it should. This is a dark reflection of the Crystal Spire. A realm where demons, rather than angels, keep watch.

— Death and Crowfather, speaking about Shadow's Edge.

As Lostlight is an outpost to the angels of Heaven, Shadow's Edge is an outpost to the demons of Hell, a realm held under the sway of demonkind outside their dark kingdom, ruled by Samael. Here, he once kept ancient and powerful artifacts like the Demon Key before Death took it in order to restore humanity, saving his brother War in the process.

In Darksiders Genesis, War and Strife are sent to the Black Stone to investigate rumors of Samael's collusion with Lucifer in a plot to disrupt the Balance. They find his keep besieged by a huge army mustered by the demon lord Moloch, who accepted Lucifer's offer. Samael was temporarily displaced from Shadow's Edge by the empowered Moloch until the Horsemen defeated the latter.

Since Samael's departure and imprisonment during the End War, the realm has been controlled by The Mad Queen, Lilith and as a result of her rule, fallen into a decrepit state with corruption slowly eating the once infamous demonic fortress away.

Death journeyed here with Crowfather to retrieve the final key, where he encountered it's current ruler and traveled back in time to take the artifact from it's previous one.[1]



  • The only feature of note apart from The Black Stone, is a Death Tomb.