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The Seventh Legion is one of Heaven's forces that came to Earth against the Demons led by Usiel, alongside the Hellguard.


During the Apocalypse's on Earth, Usiel valiantly led his angels to fought the demons at the starting of the End War. But despite their effects, They failed and were stranded among the ruined Earth. However, Usiel attempted to continue the fight but the growing losses of his troops and even worse, on of the Seven Deadly Sins, Lust, used their newly acquired abilities to raise the dead angels and demons as their servants, plague Usiel and his men to fight their own fallen.

With the continued losses mounting, Usiel and what remained of his Seventh Legion were forced to take shelter in an abandoned and decrepit shipyard, just outside of Lust's domain. But soon, the Horseman Fury made her way to where the Angels base to seek revenge for Rampage. But Usiel convinced Fury to help him kill Lust and gave her the ancient angelic crossblade, Salvation, as a show of good faith and support.

However, The despite leader surprisingly intervenes the battle between Fury and the Sin. but Lust entices Usiel with his desire to return to Heaven along with the Seventh Legion whole and victorious to defend them, thereby turning him against the Horseman. Fury managed to subdue the brainwashed angel so that he remains alive as she finishes off Lust. Usiel remains at Fury's mercy but the Horseman decides to forgave Usiel's transgressions this one time, knowing that he is innocent due to being susceptible to Lust's words. Despite her Watcher's protests, Fury and Usiel agree to form an alliance for now but the two remain rather wary of each other.

Known Members[]

  • Usiel - Leader of the Seventh Legion.