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War travels between dimensions when using the Serpent Holes

Serpent Holes... Ancient paths that worm their way beneath the husk of this dead world... and beyond. I use them to get about, and for a price... so can you.
Vulgrim, speaking of and offering the Serpent Holes

Serpent Holes Are a series of portals that are used primarily by Vulgrim as a method of travelling from place to place. They serve as the universe fast travel method by War and Fury during the events of Darksiders and Darksiders III.


The Serpent Holes are one of the remnants of the Old Ones civilization, a network of unique pathways through The Void between worlds that can be used as a series of short cuts from one world to another, or even as close as in between city blocks by weary travelers. The Serpent Holes were in ancient times home to a species of Construct like creatures wielding the powers of the Hollows.

However with the grace they allowed him the Serpent Holes would become most well known for their use by the Demon Vulgrim.

Darksiders Genesis[]

The demon Samael sent the Horsemen War and Strife to where Vulgrim had made his base inside of the void, later to be inhabited by Samael himself after being temporarily deposed and the demoness Dis after she was "rescued." Said base happens to be next to a gauntlet and a labyrinthine maze where the Void demonstrates it's sentience by crafting challenges for the horsemen based on their adventures. The Aforementioned Base also gradually becomes filled with the weapons of the Demon Masters as they are picked off by the Horsemen in the process of trying to track down Lucifer and learn his plot.

The Void is host to the Arena, a Gladiator style fighting pit where Demons take captive monsters and fight in battles to the death, where they bet for souls and survivors walk away with a number of prizes.

Darksiders III[]

Tens of Millions of Years later Vulgrim would come to have a "disagreement" with his construct landlords who finally got tired of the demon squatting in their home and attempted to evict him. In response Vulgrim would dupe a Hollow Magic wielding Fury into hunting down the leaders of the Void Dwellers and wipe them out, assassinating Aganosh, Zyon, Roarakk, Dovox and Ionos in the process.

In the end the Nephilim have another dead civilization among countless others and Vulgrim gains sole ownership over the void, with the Horsemen free use the Serpent Holes whenever they wish less the Demon faces the Horsewoman's wrath. Also in the void is the Arena's successor, The Crucible, a huge gladiatorial arena featuring Demons, Angels, Undead and Abyssal Creatures where fighters can engage in up to 101 continuous fights in pursuit of Crucible Tokens for the Arena's exclusive use capped off in a fight against the Crucible's master, Wicked K. Through Vulgrim a invitation is sent to Fury to participate.

Darksiders II[]

The Serpent Holes do not act as a method of transportation for Death so much as they are simply how Vulgrim gets around between worlds buying and selling weapons. The Void is still home to the Crucible where Death can also engage in up to 101 continuous rounds of gladiator combat against the Corrupted, Demonic, Angelic, Undead and creatures of the Abyss in pursuit of prizes.


The Serpent Holes serve as a method of transportation in Darksiders that War can use to get from one place to another. They are not so much a method of fast travel as they are a series of pathways that he can access to take a shortcut throughout the Destroyed City, each destination spawning a unique path. The only areas they are not able to go to are The Hollow. Vulgrim allows War the use of the Serpent Holes after getting to bare witness to the beating demonic heart of Tiamat.

To a more limited degree the Serpent Holes can be used by Samael and Azrael as well to take War into the Black Throne and Eden Respectively.