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Darksiders wrath of war scythe by dotafss-d58adq9

The Scythe is War's first of two secondary weapons. The other one being the Tremor Gauntlet. It should not be mistaken with The Harvester which is a special version of Scythe. If the player uses the code to unlock the Harvester it permanently replaces the Scythe.


It can be purchased from Vulgrim for 1000 Souls.


With much greater range and speed than either Chaoseater or Tremor Gauntlet, and its sweeping attacks, Scythe is a great weapon for crowd control and building up large combos. When boosted with Death's Blessing and Abyssal Armor, the Scythe becomes a great way to swiftly reclaim any lost health, while simultaneously reaping greater than usual amounts of Souls from your enemies.


  • If somehow broken into, the game's files state that the Scythe is actually called "The Hellraiser".
  • The Scythe is the only non-mandatory weapon/item in the game, as the game can be finished without ever using it. It is also the only weapon/item to be truly purchased, as the acquisition of Earthcaller is scripted.