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Fury's Whip and signature weapon.
Caption Fury's Whip and signature weapon.
Type of Weapon Long Handled Razor Whip.
Weapon Range Melee, Long.
Player Obtainable Yes
Abilities Can be augmented with a number of Enhancements throughout the game to be given special abilities.
Color(s) Black/Red (Un-augmented)
Additional Features Drains Chaos energy from its victims. Whip can morph into other forms via Hollow Magic.
Used by Fury
User Affiliation Four Horsemen
Lethality Extremely deadly, basic weapon of choice for Fury.
Frequency of Appearance Wielded by Fury the entire game, Form changes when she channels the Power of the Hollows into it.
Game Appearances Darksiders III
Scorn, the hilt that Fury carries with her at all times. Forged long ago by the Mad Smith, Scorn adapts to Fury's will with each of her forms. The preferred form of Scorn is a bladed whip, that Fury wields with quick, devastating precision.

Scorn is the personal weapon of the horseman Fury. It gained many new forms on Fury's journey to destroy the Seven Deadly Sins, on account of the Lord of the Hollows giving Fury the power of his Hollows. In all of its forms, Fury would regularly take them to Ulthane, the Maker, to upgrade using Adamantine.


Image Name Description
Darksiders 3 Birch
Barbs of Scorn

The Default form of Scorn, in this form it takes the appearance of a whip. Fury would also use this form to traverse the landscape with 'Whip Swing'.

Darksiders 3 Flails
Chains of Scorn The second form of Scorn, this form resembles a pair of bladed chains. Fury acquired this form when the Lord of the Hollows gave her the Flame Hollow. The Chains of Scorn would deal repeating fire damage.
Darksiders 3 Javlin
Lance of Scorn The third form of Scorn, this form resembles a spear. Fury acquired this form when the Lord of the Hollows gave her the Storm Hollow. The Lance of Scorn harnessed the power of lightning and was able to deal damage of this kind.
Darksiders 3 Hammer
Mallet of Scorn The fourth form of Scorn, this form resembles a giant warhammer. Fury acquired this form when the Lord of the Hollows gave her the Force Hollow. Fury used the Mallet of Scorn to activate certain switches throughout her journey. The Mallet also dealt force damage while harnessing the power of gravity itself.
Darksiders 3 Twin Sword
Edge of Scorn

The fifth form of Scorn, this form resembles a perfect balanced Broadsword for a mix of fast and heavy attacks, the sword can split into two swords and can trap opponents in time-voids, reduced movements and mobility. Fury acquired this form when the Lord of the Hollows gave her the Stasis Hollow. The Edge and Scythes of Scorn injuring opponents on all planes of existence, with a range of different attacks.

Claws of Scorn
Talons of Scorn The Sixth form of Scorn. When Fury claimed the power of Aganosh the Keeper it triggered a reaction with the Flame Hollow, thus Scorn may now assume the form of ripping claws to tear its mistress's enemies to shreds.
Pole Arm of Scorn
Polearm of Scorn The Seventh form of Scorn. After Zyon lies dead at her feat its power combines with the Storm Hollow to create a double ended Polearm, able to strike faster and more often than the Lance.
Axe of Scorn
Axe of Scorn The Eighth form of Scorn. After Roarakk was destroyed the Keepers's power reacted to the Force Hollow and birthed a new weapon in the form of a pitiless battle axe able to be swung faster to chop Fury's enemies in sweeping arcs.
Scythe of Scorn
Scythe of Scorn The Ninth and Final form of Scorn. After the fourth Keeper Dovox lays dead his power combines with the Stasis Hollow and creates a form most appropriate for the slayer of his kind, twin scythes not unlike those preferred by Fury's Brother Death to reap the lives of her victims.