Also Known As: The Blood Prince, The Red Wanderer, The Lord of The Black Stone
Race Demon
Gender Male
Size Large
Eyes Orange
Means of Travel Flight
On Foot
Special Features Immense Power
Upside-Down Wings
Affiliation Himself
Occupation Demon Prince, Owner of the Demon Key
Partner(s) Lilith
Main Weapon Power
Armor Heavy
Skills Magic
Enemies The Destroyer
Allies War
Actor Name (s) Vernon Wells
There is little you can keep from me Horseman. Once I have a mind to know it.
— Samael to War

Samael is a central character featured in Darksiders and Darksiders II. A demon of immense power, Samael once possessed enough power to rival that of the Dark Prince's. He was exiled to the shattered Earth for defying the Destroyer and was confined to the Scalding Gallows prison. In addition, he was stripped of most of his power, which was subsequently split among the Destroyer's Chosen. He later regained his lost power with the help of War, and escaped his prison as a result. Samael helped both War and Death in their journeys, but only to further his own agenda. His true plans remain a mystery, and his current whereabouts are unknown. 


A prince of demons, Samael rejected the Destroyer's rule in Hell and was sentenced to eternal imprisonment. When War came to Earth in order to find and punish those responsible for the premature apocalypse, he freed Samael and made a pact with him. War brought him the four Hearts of the Chosen in return for Samael's assistance in helping him reach the Black Throne. Even while diminished with the major portion of his power in the possession of the Chosen, he was able to grant War several different powers, such as Shadowflight and Chronomancer. He was also able to see War's every action from a distance, which implied some level of omniscience. When his powers were restored, he boasted that he was like unto a god.

According to Lilith, no demon lord in any realm could match Samael's power. The mad queen stated that, if he wanted to, he could have taken control of all Hell's forces and ruled over all demon kind. Vulgrim commented once that Samael may have been considered a threat by the Dark Prince himself.



Samael's background is shrouded in mystery but he is no doubt one of the oldest and most powerful demons in creation, ruling the Red Court at his fortress of the Black Stone in the Dark Kingdom. Death stated the demon lord was present when the Horsemen slaughtered the Nephilim ages ago, watching with great interest.

Darksiders GenesisEdit

At some point before War and Strife go to kill Mammon, Samael allies himself with the two Horsemen.

Darksiders Comic BookEdit

At some point shortly before the Apocalypse, Lilith approached him in his stronghold with an offer to fulfill his every desire, though what she wanted in return is unknown. Samael showed no sign of considering her offer and told her he desired only her silence as the Four Horsemen arrived to warn Samael about keeping the peace between Heaven and Hell.

First, Samael told them to visit the Dark One with their warnings, as he was ruler of the realm, but the Horseman asserted the true balance of power was in Samael's favor rather than the Dark One's. Lilith, angered by War's comment on her presence, told them it was Abaddon that preached war and bid them to collar the angel rather than the Blood Prince.


Samael: War. Are you here to play executioner? They should have sent all four of you.
War: I have no interest in killing you, Samael.
Samael: Ha! The Destroyer? He's beyond your reach. Beyond mine.

— Samael and War upon first meeting
Samael screen

Samael's wider view.

After the Apocalypse was over, Samael opposed the rule of the Destroyer. For his rebellion, he was imprisoned in the Scalding Gallow and stripped of much of his power. When the Horseman came to see him, Vulgrim told War to find Samael in order to find out how to get to the Destroyer's Tower. When War entered the center of the Scalding Gallow, he defeated the prison's guards and freed Samael who struck a deal with him: In exchange for the hearts of the Chosen, War would be given a path to the Black Throne.

Before War left, Samael gave him the Shadowflight ability. When War returned with the first heart, ripped from the first Chosen - Tiamat, Samael asked him to also bring the heart of the second Chosen - Griever, but warned that he must also deal with the Black Hammer. The Watcher accused Samael of changing the deal, but was knocked aside and the demon accused it of being "filth" and a "parasite". Samael told War to destroy the Watcher, but War only struck the Watcher hard enough to stun after temporarily transforming into his Chaos Form. Samael believed this to be a moment of weakness but acknowledged that in War he had just seen the one who would take down the Destroyer's army on his own. When War returned with the second heart, Samael rewarded him with the ability to temporarily slow down time using the Chronomancer ability, then sent War off to the Ashlands to retrieve the heart of the Stygian, the third Chosen. When War returned with the heart, the demon shortly sent War to the Iron Canopy so that he could retrieve the fourth and final heart of Silitha.

Once Samael had consumed all four Hearts of the Chosen his rightful powers were restored. He then taunted the Horseman, saying that with his restored power he could kill him with ease, but relented and explained that he would not do so on account of the code by which he does business. He also remarked that he knew a quest for revenge when he saw one, even if the Horseman would not admit it, and respected it. Samael then created a portal for War to travel through. The Watcher told War not to enter the Serpent Hole, warning him that it may lead to Hell. War ignored him and continued through the portal, which lead him to the Black Throne. When the Horseman last saw Samael before departing to the Black Throne, the demon told him, "We will meet again".

Darksiders IIEdit

Samael: So the Charred Council sends only one Horseman... even to the past. No, this visit is... unsanctioned. In fact, no one knows you're here.
Death: Not a soul. Now hand over the key and it can be our little... secret.

— Samael upon Death's arrival

Samael and Death face off against each other

When Death arrived in the Blood Prince's domain in Shadow's Edge, in the past, to retrieve the demonic key to the Well of Souls from Samael, the demon quickly realized that the Nephilim had come from the future on his own initiative rather than the Charred Council's orders. Though disappointed that Death came alone, as he would be with War in the future, he still made the Nephilim fight for the key. After a long battle between the Blood Prince and the leader of the Four Horseman, Death proved the victor, much to Samael's surprise. Nevertheless, Samael gave Death the demonic key, commenting that no matter what happens, the upcoming fight between the Horseman and Absalom would be an interesting show before vanishing.

Darksiders 2 Samael Apocalptic

Darksiders 2 Samael Apocalptic

Personality and TraitsEdit

The demon Samael plays a game of his own devising. And we are his pawns.
Ostegoth, speaking about Samael

Samael's most prominent trait is his dedication to his own mysterious agenda. The demon prince is always working towards his own goals but they remain unknown even to the Horsemen and his fellow demons. Samael is extremely intelligent, cunning, patient, and he also appears to adhere to a personal code of business. However, he is not above lying or using deception to achieve his ends, such as his lie to War about the duty of the Chosen but nonetheless kept his promise. This shows that Samael has few scruples on how to complete a bargain.

He also appears to be easily irritated, but never to the point of actually losing control of his temper, a stark contrast to most demons as they attack instantly after being so much as insulted. Despite Samael's personal code in holding his end of a bargain, he has no respect for honor, the Balance or the Charred Council's laws, which he deems ridiculous. Samael also admits to War that he respects revenge, as it was among the reasons he aided War, not only to regain his power but because he respected War's desire for revenge against the Destroyer.

Samael also possesses a very dark and dry sense of humor, often indulging in bemusing and acerbic commentary. He is also known for being one of the most well-informed entities in existence, rivaled only by the Crowfather with regard to his ability to acquire information. Similarly, he is also known for being quite subtle in the pursuit of his goals, despite his vast power. For instance, when Death and War were attacked by a demon horde during the Abomination Vault Crisis, Death remarked that, despite Samael being perhaps the most likely being to have learned of the Horsemen's investigation, that he did not believe Samael to have been responsible as such a direct and obvious ploy was not his style.


With my powers restored, I am like unto a god!

Samael is a Demon Lord of great power, and is powerful enough, some believe, to threaten Lucifer himself. Amongst his immense personal powers is the ability to grant weaker creatures some of his power or knowledge which, under the right circumstances, can transform them into dramatically more powerful beings themselves.

Telekinesis: Samael possesses potent telekinesis. He can easily move the stone floor of his throne room in the Black Stone, as well as throw Death into the air and back to the ground with little effort.

Teleportation: Samael can teleport himself within an unknown range. His teleportation appears as a release of dark energy.

Fire Magic: The demon prince can throw fast-moving fireballs, and create explosions from the ground under his enemy.

  • Fireball - Samael can summon and direct powerful and fast fireballs at his foes.
  • Thermokinetic Eruption - Samael can summon powerful eruptions, which occur under the steps of his enemy. If the enemy is in one place, the spell will follow and the spell will not harm Samael himself.

Electricity Magic: Samael can create lightning strikes in certain areas and can use fast lightning attacks during melee combat.

Lightning-Flame Armor: Samael can coat himself with both his Electricity and Flames into some sort of armor, to the point that his magic is also enhanced.

Power Granting: Samael may give weaker creatures some passive abilities. For example, he gave War the power to glide short distances with the help of Shadowflight and granted him the knowledge to make use of the Chronospheres.

Chronomancer: Samael can use the Chronospheres. With its power, he can slow down time, but not for long, as his knowledge of them is not as advanced as the old masters.

Serpent Hole Creation: Like Azrael and Vulgrim, Samael can create Serpent Holes, portals that allow him to move from one point to another by traveling through another plane. His Serpent Holes are bloody-red in color.

Immense Strength: Samael is physically very strong, to the point of being a match for the Horsemen.

Immense Durability: Samael is remarkably difficult to harm. He was able to almost perfectly block the fast, cutting blows of Death and calmly defend himself against his undead and only received a small scratch after their battle.

Immense Endurance: Samael can endure extreme conditions for a great deal of time. He spent nearly a century imprisoned in the Scalding Gallows and emerged undiminished aside from the power drained from him by the Destroyer. Also after a difficult and fierce battle with Death, he showed no signs of fatigue despite the beating he took, only appearing out of breath.

‘’’Blood Empowerment:’’’ In order to restore his powers, Samael had to consume the blood from the Chosens’ hearts. Implications from both his title “The Blood Prince” and a demon soldier shouting to offer the Horsemen’s heart to him suggest that he gains power from consuming blood from another living being.


Death: Will you surrender the key, or must I take it?
Samael: Horseman. You already know the answer.

— Death and Samael, Before battle
Interesting. Perhaps you'll succeed after all. Either way, it will be quite a show.
— Samael to Death, Final Cutscene
Samael: I was beginning to worry you might not live up to your end of the bargain. Give it to me.
War: You lied to me about the Chosen... They never guarded the Tower.
Samael: What does it matter? Our deal wasn't for ancient history. I promised you the Tower, and you shall have it. (eats the heart) Did it amuse you, to deny me what's rightfully mine? With my power restored, I am like unto a GOD! I could suck the marrow from your bones before you drew another breath. I could... but I too have a code by which I do business. Besides, say what you will about Balance and your ridiculous Law. I recognize a quest for revenge when I see one. And revenge, I respect! As for the details of my 'resignation'... well... (chuckles) I do not approve of the company my master keeps.
War: Why did you challenge the Destroyer, Samael?
Samael: See your journey to its end, Horseman, you will understand soon enough.
The Watcher: You --- trust him?! Who knows where in the Nine Hells this portal will take us?!
Samael: We will meet again.

— War and Samael, last meeting cutscene
Careful! Or your ending will be a tragic one! Sometimes, the hero dies in the end. But Horseman… I like stories that have a happy ending.
— Samael to War, before he send him after the last Heart.


  • Samael's most enduring and developed characteristic throughout the series are his psionic features which cannot be reduced to mere clairvoyance or precognition, but rather manifest a nigh-omniscience. In Darksiders 1 throughout the game he is able to observe all of War's activities, no matter where he goes, from the kernels of his former prison. In Darksiders 2, this ability is revealed to not even be restricted to any single period of time, as he divulged the intentions of Death from the future, and even left claiming he would enjoy the "show", that is he would be able to observe the outcome of the battle between Death and Absalom that would take place in the future, despite him being in the past. Death even mentioned in The Abomination Vault that only the likes of the Crowfather and Samael could know about the Grand Abominations, their origin's and the Vault's existence, despite being the only individual in creation to know with absolute certainty.
  • His famous line "the hero dies in the end" was given to both War and Death, because he prophetically foresaw their deaths, and strangely gave them hints of it.
  • All angels are given aspects of God's Names in the Bible. Samael literally means Poison of God. In Judaism he is the archangel ruler of the 5th Heaven, and the Angel of Death alongside Azrael.
  • Of the 4 villains in the Book of Revelation: the dragon, the whore of Babylon and the 2 beasts, Samael is the second, Lamb-like, beast since he rises out of the Earth, or in Samael's case arose from his inferno-like prison. Furthermore the Lamb-like Beast is also the False Prophet in the Book of Revelation, which coincides with Samael's interactions with War throughout the game.
  • Intriguingly, Samael possesses various vampiric traits. His prison incorporated a blood related mechanism, whereby gathered blood was sent to him to free him. It was also through consuming the bloody Hearts of the Chosen that he was able to regain his former powers. Every time he displays use of his powers, particularly when teleporting, flying or opening portals, bats are seen hovering in the area. One of his titles, the Blood Prince, seems to add credence to this.
  • Samael very much resembles the description of a "lost angel" in The Abomination Vault : Featuring a humanoid body of a size that is about twice that of a normal angel, with horns, tail, misformed skin and upside-down, bat-like wings. Angels who are exiled to hell mutates into this form after a time. This suggests that Samael, like his biblical counterpart, is a fallen angel. It would also explain how he knew the truth behind the Destroyer, being that they are both fallen angels.
  • It is implied in both Darksiders 1 and Darksiders 2 that Samael has immense power, once nearly rivaling the Dark Prince himself, however his strength compared to the Four Horsemen is unknown. He boasted he could kill War before he drew another breath, and may have been toying with Death while fighting him. However, after his skirmish with Death, he was slightly wounded and out of breath, whereas Death was relatively untouched and breathing normally. It is unclear as to who is stronger but it is believed that Samael will become a powerful antagonist in the upcoming Darksiders. It is also important to note that while he boasted his ability to kill War, and he may have certainly been telling the truth, he himself was aware that the horseman was nowhere near his original state of power, even telling the horseman he knows of this outright in their second meeting when he helped War unlock his Chaos form again.
  • In Darksiders 2, some of the demons in the past Black Stone are called Legion Soldiers and Legion Champions, suggesting that Samael's soldiers were the ones the Legion Artifacts in Darksiders were given to. If so, that would mean that Samael's armies are long dead and suggests that the Overlord artifact may have once belonged to Samael.
  • Samael is actually one of the few bosses that Death did not defeat (or at least finished off) in his Reaper form, the others being Phariseer, Achidna, Bheithir, and Argul.



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