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Rot Mauler
RotMaulerRot Mauler
Type of Creature Undead
Mode of Travel By foot.
Genders Male
Eyes White
Additional Features Emits toxic gas
Racial Status
Affiliation Hell
Partner(s) Lesser Demons
Weapons Toxic gas
First Appearance
Debut Darksiders

First encountered in the Twilight Cathedral, this creature emits a toxic gas from it's body that will damage War if he gets to close. They can take quite a beating, and often breathe toxic gas at War in close quarters. It is recommended to stun them with a fully charged Crossblade throw so you can safely move up and get off a combo, then dash away. This may take 3-4 rounds of this strategy to effectively end them. They resemble hulking, putrid type zombies. They have a small variety of attacks: They swipe twice at War, swipe once at War with their claws, emit toxic gas that will damage the player (It is recommended not to stay too close for long), and finally, they breathe a green stream of toxic puke/gas at war and can damage him sometimes heavily over a period of time. All attacks can be predicted and effectively dodged with some practice. Also the instant kill move for these creatures can also harm you. When they are emitting the gas try doing a lock on attack by locking on to a flame source and then the Rot Mauler and imbue the cross blade with fire that might get you a quick kill.