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Rod of arafel
A weapon of immense power, brought to Earth by the Archon Hestus to battle the demons in the End War.
Uriel, speaking of The Rod of Arafel

The Rod of Arafel is a powerful artifact wielded by the Angels during the End War.

Power and Abilities[]

It emits a light so bright and powerful that it is capable of burning a large portion of Corruption blocking the Ivory Citadel. It also grants the wielder immense power, as Archon Lucien was able to regrow his wings while fighting Death, then telepathically lift an enormous boulder in an attempt to crush the Horseman, to no avail. The rod is so powerful that the Angels feared that if it fell into the hands of the Destroyer, it would mean certain defeat for the Hellguard.


Earth []

But Hestus fell and, the Rod was shattered. Now, the Destroyer uses its pieces to fuel his army of darkness.
Uriel, speaking of the broken Rod of Arafel

The Rod of Arafel found its way to Earth during the End War by the Archon Hestus who unfortunately lost it as the battle progressed. Due to the rod's immense power, the angels feared the worst if it fell into the hands of the enemy. As such, the rod was divided and scattered across the Destroyed City, fueling the Destroyer's armies, until Death, with the Hellguard's help, restored the rod.

Death expressed his concern over whether the Angels will be safe if the Destroyer discovered that the rod was rebuilt, which Uriel accepted. When Death completed the rod, Uriel wanted him to use the artifact to tip the balance of the war back in the Angels' favor, but she changed her mind as she didn't want the weapon to fall back into the hands of the Destroyer. She then asked for Death to bring the weapon back to Lostlight.


Death giving the Rod to the Archon


Death returned the rod to the Archon, who expressed his joy upon seeing the Rod and wasted no time using it to clear the Ivory Citadel of Corruption.

After Death found out the truth about the Archon from Jamaerah, he traveled back to the Crystal Spire to confront him and get the Angel Key. The corrupted angel was unwilling and Death battled the Archon who used the Rod against the Horseman.

When Death killed the Archon, the Rod fell with him and its status remains unknown.

Archon Rod of Arafel

The Archon using the rod