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Roarakk or The Keeper of Might, is one of the guardians of the Void. After Fury attains the Force Hollow and completes the force wing, she faces him.


Roarakk's story isn't fully known, but it is known that he's the protector of the Force wing and has been there for years.

After Fury finishes the force wing, she faces the keeper of might. She tells the silent Construct that she will restore order to the Void and proceeds to fight and destroy him.

His body and powers are later merged with Ionos.


Roarakk looks just like his siblings, except that he glows purple, which signifies his role as the Keeper of might.


Roarakk shows no emotion during his battle, but he does flare with rage a few times.

Powers and Abilities[]

Roarakk uses attacks based on force and strength. Among these attacks are heavy punches and explosive slams. he also has a ground stomp shockwave ability.


When the fight first starts, Roarakk uses force punches and sweep attacks. He also uses the occasional uppercut and heavy punch. After he's lost a certain amount of health, he'll fall to the ground, but will then release a huge explosion of force.

During this part of the fight, he'll start using a powerful slam attack that also releases a mini explosion. After he's down to half health, Roarakk will use the same giant explosion attack.

During the next half of the fight, Roarakk will begin using a slam attack that inserts a small piece of force energy where Fury is standing that releases a shockwave. He'll also preform a ground stomp that sends out a shockwave, which can be combined with the previous attack. He'll also charge an explosion attack that sends out his pieces and retract them back.


  • Roarakk is the third enemy you face in the Void.
  • If you have the Force Hollow equipped, then Roarakk will absorb it and power up.