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Death Dealer
"See your journey to its end Horseman, you will understand soon enough."
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Riders Mercy

Humanity & Ulthane's gift.

The item known as the Riders Mercy is a utility provided by Ulthane in thanks for the Black Rider; Fury ferrying so many humans towards a refuge he'd helped design. With every new human she finds and transports into the protection and care of the Blackhammer and his fellow Makers, their appreciation for her generous deed funnels into this amulet to increase her overall fighting ability.


After striking a deal with the human indifferent horsemen of the apocalypse, Ulthane's emissary out in the shattered world would round up as many survivors of the war as she could and ferry them towards his Haven.[1]

In response for rescuing between 5-10 of his precious wee ones to safety. The Maker will provide Fury with a new item of power which turned human's appreciation for their savior into greater strength for her, this medallion significantly upgrades the Horsemen's fighting ability with every person whom she saves & collects.

Throughout her journey this talisman, created specifically for her use, undergoes further modification and enhancement. Rescuing all the Humans grants a considerable power boost from all the refugees guided towards salvation.


  • 5 Humans rescued - +10% Lurches When Killing An Enemy.
  • 10 Humans rescued - +20% Wrath Reward From Wrath Lurchers.
  • 15 Humans rescued - +30% Health.
  • 20 Humans rescued - +10% Physical and Arcane Damage.