A Storm Warden carrying the Redemption.

The Redemption Cannon is one of two heavy ranged weapons that War can pick up at a given location, the other one being the Fracture Cannon.

Location Edit

The Redemption is similar to the Fracture Cannon, but it is used by Angels instead of Demons. A powerful ranged energy cannon, it is used only by the Angels, of whom only Storm Wardens wield it. It is first able to be used during the competition with Ulthane in Anvil's Ford when Angels intervene. Later, War uses this weapon to fight The Griever for the first time. It also can be found later on few occasions.

Usage Edit

The Redemption shoots light energy capable of penetrating Demon hide or Angel armor. It has two modes of fire: rapid fire and charged blasts. In rapid fire, Redemption suppresses the enemy with continuous fire while the charged blast is a single, powerful shot that needs time to charge up. Both modes have a large Area of Effect


In Darksiders 2 Death acquires one of Strife's pistols just as War did in the original Darksiders named Redemption. [1]



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