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Death Redemption

Death and Redemption

Redemption is one of Strife's two revolvers, the other being Mercy, and one of the four tools that Death aquires on his quest.

Darksiders II[]


It is given to Death by Alya after completing the Fire of the Mountain quest in the Forge Lands, and becomes Death's primary ranged weapon.


Unlike Mercy, Redemption has a 10-round capacity with a 5-second delay before Death reloads. Also unlike Mercy, Redemption has no set fire rate, meaning it can unload all 10 bullets slowly or extremely fast, depending on how good your trigger finger is. Also, Mercy is a quadruple barrel revolver while Redemption is a single barrel revolver.


The weapon was needed in order to clear a path to the Drenchfort, but Death continued to use it against his enemies and to hit faraway targets such as switches and Stonebites.


  • Like Mercy, Redemption was given to the protagonist by a Maker.