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A map showing the location of the enhancement (marked with X) and the locked door to the southeast.


Enhancement's icon.

Reaper is a regular enhancement found in The Hollow in an underwater passage. One end of this passage comes out in a small room with two underwater passage entrances, and a locked door which leads to the room where War gets the Tremor Gauntlet. To get the enhancement, War must swim down the passage and then dive to a lower level of the passage, continue - then turn right then left, then surface. This enhancement is essentially a weaker version of Death's Blessing. Reaper has the following bonuses:

Slotted Bonus[]

  • Boosts the amount of souls gained when an enemy is killed with the weapon.
  • Extra souls on top of this bonus are gained if this enhancement is assigned to Scythe / The Harvester.
  • +10% more souls gained when monster is killed with a sword / gauntlet that is slotted with Reaper
  • +30% more souls gained when monster is killed with The Harvester that is slotted with Reaper
  • Slotting any weapon, even the sword, with Reaper will not give any extra souls if monster is killed with an instant kill move.