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Raciel is a fallen Angel that once served Heaven but was banished and then became a Lost Angel who headed a force of Demonic mercenaries in Hell.



When the armies of Heaven and Hell fought openly before the Charred Council's treaties, Raciel was a soldier in Heaven's legions. She served under an Angel named Hadrimon, who she started dating in secret. Her superior felt guilty since their romance was illegal under the Angel laws of the Codex Bellum and reported it. The leaders of Heaven used Raciel as an example for fear that any further disobedience in the ranks would jeopardize the war. She was banished to Hell, but rather than dying or languishing in torment, Raciel was twisted into a Demonic Lost Angel, (which is just another way of saying "Fallen Angel"). The Demon Raciel gathered lesser Demons to her service and formed a mercenary troop, hiring their services out to the highest bidder.

The Abomination Vault[]

Upon hearing of the nature of the Grand Abominations, Panoptos* hired Raciel's mercenaries to gain the Abominations for use by himself and the Watchers so as to free themselves from the servitude of the Charred Council. She first sent her forces to Lilith's laboratory, where Hadrimon and Belisatra and set their base of operations. However, the Horseman had arrived before them and killed the Demons, allowing the conspirators to escape in the process.

Raciel later led her Demons personally while fighting on the Ravaiim homeworld. Death glimpsed her twisted form hovering over the battle, though she and her forces withdrew after Belisatra fired Earth Reaver. When Death was preparing for Hadrimon to attack the Abomination Vault, he sent Azrael disguised as a Demon to leak the vault's location to Raciel's forces and lure them there. Once arrived, Raciel confronted Hadrimon and played on his feelings for her to secure his loyalty. However, once the rogue Angel had departed to open the Abomination Vault, Azrael attacked Raciel and critically wounded her. She managed to escape him and limp after Hadrimon, only to be shot and killed when Black Mercy took control of the Angel's body.

Azrael then used an illusion of her in her Angelic form to distract Hadrimon while Death killed him.

*That is Death’s version.