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Prowlers are an enemy featured in Darksiders II.


Prowlers are predatory creatures that inhabit many of the lands that Death explores on his quest. Individually weak, they can become significantly more dangerous in packs or when accompanied by larger monsters. There are several variants of the Prowler but all of them are capable of a leaping attack akin to a Buzzsaw which serves as their primary offensive measure.


  • Prowler - The standard variant encountered in the Forge Lands. They have dark scales and enlarged spines.
  • Savage Prowler - A more aggressive armoured variant with red scales.
  • Nightmare Prowler - Armoured variant that can freeze Death solid with its lunges.
  • Undead Prowler - Skeletal variant found in the Kingdom of the Dead.
  • Ice Prowler - Identical in appearance and behaviour to the Nightmare variant. Only encountered in Argul's Tomb.


  • Constructs and Prowlers will engage each other in combat although this is a rare occurrence as they are rarely encountered together with the exception of the The Foundry.
  • Right before they do their jumping attack they make a sound which sounds like "prowl". This might be how Prowlers earned their name.