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You would interrupt my slumber? You should never have left your grave.
— The Phariseer to Death

The Phariseer was one of three Lords of the Dead Court, sworn to the service of the Lord of Bones.



When Corruption began to infest the Kingdom of the Dead, the Phariseer sealed himself within his own tomb and ignored the Dead King's orders. His disobedience attracted the ire of his king.

Darksiders II[]


Darksider 2 Phariseer Apocalptic-0

Death made a bargain with the Lord of Bones to return the Dead Court to him, and it was the Phariseer that the Horseman confronted first. When Death reached the Phariseer's Tomb, he searched for the Dead Lord, only to find him not happy to see the Nephilim.

The Phariseer tried to delay Death by disabling the brakes of the elevator. Despite this setback, Death managed to reach the room storing the Phariseer's sarcophagus. The Phariseer woke from his sleep ready to face Death, only to be defeated at the hands of the Horseman. After being beaten into submission, the Phariseer swore to follow Death back into the Dead King's service, and obeyed commands given to him by Death using the Interdiction ability, aiding him in recruiting the other two Lords of the Court, the Judicator and Basileus.

Upon returning to the Eternal Throne, much to Death's surprise, the Lord of Bones summarily executed the Phariseer and the other Dead Lords for betraying him.


  • The names of all three dead lords are titles of ancient rulers: Phariseers were high ranking Egyptian rulers, Judicators were ancient lords in charge of dealing punishments and the Basileus was the ruler of the Persian empire around the 900s.