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Phantom Horse
Ruin in GameRuin, A Phantom Horse ridden by his master, War.
Type of Creature Horse
Genders Male and Female
Eyes Varying
Hair Colors varying
Additional Features They all look like horses except with tainted or darker looking features, such as rot, fire, or shadows.
Racial Status
Affiliation Hell (Abyssal Riders), The Four Horsemen
Previous Affiliation The Charred Council (Prior to the breaking of the Seventh Seal).
Occupation Beasts of Burden, Mounts for various races.
Partner(s) Abyssal Riders, Abyssal Gladiator, War, Fury, Death, Strife.
Noticeable Members Ruin, Despair, Rampage, Mayhem
Weapons Hooves, Fire/Shadow magic (Limited to when charging.)
First Appearance
Debut Darksiders

Phantom Horses are, as the name implies, horses with a tainted or shadowy appearance. Corralled and overseen by the enigmatic Horsemaster, Phantom Horses are commonly seen ridden by Abyssal Riders, and more noticeably The Four Horsemen. The name Phantom Horse has been used when describing the beasts several times, and are likely the name of the creatures. It is unknown if these creatures are actually Demons, or Abyssal Creatures as the name could merely be an attachment to help with description. They originate in the Far Fields and take on an appearance to suit the master that tames them.


Phantom Horses are, like normal horses, mainly used as mounts for cavalry. They display some magical capabilities, being able to augment themselves with magic while charging, as well as appear and disappear at will.

Phantom Horses seem to possess the same level of intelligence as regular horses; they do not speak and their affiliation depends on that of their master. If they are indeed demons, they are the only demonic race that do not exclusively serve Hell's forces. They are incredibly loyal, but, as seen with Ruin, may be driven against their masters. Conversely, Phantom Horses seem to have a powerful bond with their original masters; Ruin quickly returned to War's side after their long-term separation after the death of the Abyssal Gladiator.

Phantom Horses

Phantom Horses in their unclaimed form