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Phantom Guard
Type of Creature Demon
Mode of Travel Foot
Genders Male
Eyes Red
Additional Features Horns, Markings, Stunted wings.
Racial Status
Affiliation Hell
Previous Affiliation Heaven
Occupation Common Demonic Footsoldier
Partner(s) Lesser Demons
Weapons Swords, Various weaponry.
First Appearance
Debut Darksiders

Phantom Guards are Demons who still bear their Angelic wings, albeit stunted and useless, they form the backbone of Hell's legions.


From the greatest of infernal Lords to the lowest of Wicked, Hell's legions still spread across the desolate Earth. The Phantom Guard form the backbone of the Destroyer's army.

They are hideous to behold, with craggy faces, stunted wings, and armor as jagged as their flesh. For years the Phantom Guard hunted the remains of mankind without pity. Now, these demons battle the valiant angels who patrol the scorched sky, and sate their bloodlust on those they bring to ground.


Phantom Guards are quite easy to defeat, but get harder as you progress, starting with no armor, then acquiring full body armor. They appear quite often when War is trying to free Tormented Gates from the Shadow Lurkers. They are the most appearing enemy next to Undead and Wicked.