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Do you know what's imprisoned here? There are things even YOU should fear, Horseman! Once you were strong. But now, you are weak, and you are alone! The Destroyer knows of your coming. Even now, he moves his legions against you!
— Phantom General to War

Phantom General is a character featured in Darksiders and is the second boss of the game.


As his name implies, the Phantom General is the leader of the Phantom Guards. War approaches him, to which the Phantom General mocks War and even makes a statement that the Destroyer is after him. That does not stop War from willing to battle the Phantom General in order to proceed to Samael. After a long duel War manage to defeat the Phantom General.


The Phantom General is a boss that War must fight to get to Samael.

First Stage[]

For the first part of the battle, the Phantom General will fight War head-on by doing a series of axe combos, such as a single axe swipe if War is too close, or an axe slam that will cause a small shockwave on impact. War can avoid it by simply running and can do counter damage against the Phantom General. The strategy is for the Player to simply wail on the Phantom General while his guard is down.

Second Stage[]

In the second part of the battle, the Phantom General will summon a couple of the Phantom Guards for War to fight. As soon as War defeats the first wave, the Phantom General will summon a second wave. When they are defeated as well, the General will step in himself. He uses the same attacks as before, only now he will block Wars attacks. The best strategy for this fight is to use the Earthcaller. When used, it will knock the boss over. When he's down, approach him, attack until he starts getting up and repeat.


Phantom General: You have killed many of my warriors. (Drum heim gol straga bor.)

War: I have yet to find a warrior among you. (Non straga sindora.)





  • The Phantom General is the first boss in Darksiders to have a title before the battle.