Do you know what's imprisoned here? There are things even YOU should fear, Horseman! Once you were strong. But now, you are weak, and you are alone! The Destroyer knows of your coming. Even now, he moves his legions against you!
— Phantom General to War

Phantom General is a character featured in Darksiders.


Leader of the Phantom Guards, the Phantom General is a mini boss War must fight to get to Samael. For the first part of the battle, the boss will summon a couple of Phantom Guards for you to fight. As soon as you defeat the first wave, he will summon a second one. When they are defeated as well, the General steps in. The best strategy for this fight is to use the Earthcaller. When used, it will knock the boss over. When he's down, approach him, attack until he starts getting up and repeat.


Phantom General: You have killed many of my warriors. (Drum heim gol straga bor.)

War: I have yet to find a warrior among you. (Non straga sindora.)


Phantom General (Darksiders) HD

Phantom General (Darksiders) HD


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