Panoptos is a character featured in the novel Darksiders: The Abomination Vault. He is portrayed as the Charred Council's most devoted servant and the progenitor of the race of creatures known as Watchers. As such, his appearance is almost identical to them, though instead of six or four eyes, he has up to nine, which move around his face, appearing and disappearing from time to time. Panoptos, at the end of the novel, is accused by Death for being behind the hiring of certain demon mercenaries trying to locate the Abomination Vault (with Raciel, a Lost Angel who is the main reason for the antagonist's search for the Abominations in the novel as their head) in hopes of using the race to create an army armed with the Grand Abominations in the hopes that he and his "children" will no longer be enslaved by the Charred Council.

Panoptos is an arrogant and cowardly creature who usually tries to behave himself when in the presence of the Charred Council but is far less so when not. Panoptos is often condescending and insulting towards the Horsemen, namely Death. His favorite manner of speech is to pronounce words through irritating giggling. He is very proud of his rank as the Council's "favored" agent and does not take kindly when being insulted because of it.

In the end, it was his idea that Watchers should have power over the Riders, to ensure their obedience. He made such a proposal to the Charred Council before his last meeting with Death in the novel. His name translates to "all-seeing", with pan deriving from the Greek word πάν which means "all" and optos from όψη which means view/see.

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