Darksiders Wiki
OrthoOrtho, the Angelic Beast
Type of Creature Angelic
Mode of Travel Self-Propelled Flight
Genders Male and Female
Eyes Blue
Additional Features Griffin-Like creature. Flies, used by the angels as a mount (More of for extra fire power than for travel.). Can fire angelic-type bolts.
Racial Status
Affiliation Heaven

War (When commandeered.)

Occupation Heavy Angelic Support Mount
Partner(s) Angelic Rider, War
Weapons Angelic Bolt missiles
First Appearance
Debut Darksiders

The Ortho, also known merely as the Angelic Beast, is a large Griffin type creature used as heavy support by the Angel remnants. It fires energy bolts against it's targets to bring them down in addition to capably performing as an air vehicle.


In the game, War commandeers one to get from one location to the Twilight Cathedral. As soon as War first sees the Cathedral, the Dusk Queen Tiamat grabs the Beast, causing War to fall and forcing him travel through the Cathedral on foot. In two different rooms, War sees the two fighting, with the Ortho losing, although it does put up a good fight. As War faces Tiamat for the last time, she is holding the Beast's corpse and drops it.

While being ridden by War, the Ortho is controllable and can move up, down, and side-to-side within its set camera view. You shoot using the weapon formerly owned by the Angel that previously rode the beast. The weapon fires single shots (by tapping the fire button) or charged shots (by holding the button down and moving the targeting reticule over a group of enemies ).

Darksiders II[]

Death was given the Angelic Beast by Archon Lucien to reach the Ivory Citadel. However, the flying beast is only used as a transportation without any form of control over the beast.


Due to the Angel's ability to fly, an Ortho is used more for heavy support rather than travel. It is able to fire energy bolts at its enemies and exhibits extreme durability, as seen when one is able to take on Tiamat and put up a decent fight before death. The name Ortho is not used in game, rather it is the name given in the pre-order concept art book as "Angelic Mount: Ortho".

The Angelic Beast is also needed in order to unlock the Achievement/Trophy "Aerial Predator" (which is obtained only when a player is able to kill 160 enemies while on the angelic beast.)