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Old One
Genders Male & Female
Eyes Varying
Hair Colors Varying
Additional Features Older than Angels and Demons
Racial Status
Noticeable Members Varying
Weapons Varying
First Appearance

Older than Angels, Demons and Humans, "Old Ones" is the generic name for those races and beings that predate the Three Kingdoms.

The most important Old Ones in the series are the Charred Council and the Makers.

The Charred Council seeks to maintain the Balance between the First and Second Kingdoms under the belief that any great power, unopposed, would bring destruction to all Creation. To do so they have drafted the last four Nephilim to serve as the enforcers of their Law and to bring about judgment at the Endwar, hence their moniker "The Horsemen of the Apocalypse". They are the only ones able to obtain and sustain balance between the two sides in the war.

The Makers are beings older than even the Charred Council. They are the creators of entire worlds, but their Realm has been overtaken by Corruption.

Races and Unique Beings

  • Abyssal Creatures - Ancient monstrosities from the Abyss, a Realm of primordial darkness and chaos.
  • The Charred Council - The mediating body who presided over the treaty between Heaven and Hell.
  • Crowfather - The enigmatic keeper of secrets, said to be the oldest of the Old Ones.
  • Kargon - The master of the Crucible, Kargon is said to be the only one ever to have completed its challenge in its entirety.
  • Keeper of Oblivion - The Charred Council's masked executioner and the sole custodian of the portal to Oblivion.
  • Makers - An ancient race of Giants from the Forge Lands, responsible for the creation of stone and metal living constructs.
    • Constructs - The creations of the Makers, given life by the Souls of their dead.
  • Ostegoth - A wandering merchant and last survivor of a long dead race forgotten even by those who destroyed them.
  • Phantom Horse - A race of Creatures used as mounts by many beings in Creation, most notably the Four Horsemen.
  • Lord of the Hollows - Once a member of the Charred Council who left their court after eons of witnessing their gradual degradation.