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Nathaniel is an angel residing in Lostlight in Darksiders II. He defends the Crystal Spire and is devoted to the wisdom and teachings of the Archon Lucien.



A warrior of Heaven for eons, Nathaniel was a member of the Hellguard when they fought the Nephilim at Eden alongside the Four Horsemen. At some point in the battle Nathaniel was nearly killed but was saved by the intervention of the leader of the Horsemen, Death. He would recount this to Horseman when they met again, Death did not remember him specifically.

He would later leave the Hellguard to serve Archon Lucien in the Crystal Spire of Lostlight. Before leaving the Hellguard, he was known to have been a good friend of Abaddon, the leader of the Hellguard.

Darksiders II[]

Death met Nathaniel after traveling to the realm of Lostlight through the Tree of Death in the Kingdom of the Dead. Nathaniel joined the Horseman in fighting a number of corrupted angels and introduced himself as the protector of the Crystal Spire, servant to Archon Lucien.

He directed Death to speak with the Archon to learn more about the angelic key to the Well of Souls. He can also offer the Horseman the The Lost Soul side quest.