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"All of creation cares not whether you live or die."
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Race Maker
Gender Female
Size Large
Hair Color White
Means of Travel On Foot
Affiliation Makers
Occupation Shaman
Relatives(s) Ghorn Creation
Enemies Corruption
Allies Death
Actor Name (s) Claudia Christian

You have touched the darkness... again and again...
— Muria on Death
 Muria is a character appearing in Darksiders II. She is a Maker, and the Shaman of Tri-Stone. Death can purchase talismans and potions from her, as well as obtain the side quests Shaman's Craft and Spark of Life. Muria also plays a role in the side quests The Maker's Chronicle and The Lost Soul.


Muria is a blind shaman among the Maker's of Tri-Stone. She attempted a experiment in which she took a ember from the Forge and tried to use it in substitute for a maker's soul in the building of a Construct.

The experiment went horribly wrong, it's stony flesh in chronic pain from the very flame that made the core of it's being. The Insane construct dubbed itself Ghorn, killed several young makers, before running away and hiding out in The Scar.

Darksiders IIEdit

When the Horseman Death arrived in the Maker's home the Shaman offered her services to death, selling Talismans and potions to the Horseman. Chief among her offers though was the creation of the Grim Talisman from Stalker bone, Stinger Venom and Sentinel Stone.

After Oran is revived he tasks death to retrieve The Maker's Chronicle and he goes to Muria for aid. She has some ore that can locate the chronicle but is considerably valuable and useless once it has reunited with the chronicle, thus she asks for Shadow Leaf seed in exchange.

After the death's of the Guardian Muria requested that Death put an end to another construct, her very own creation Ghorn. A task the horseman completed with relative ease leaving Muria to mourn.


Muria is a blind elderly looking Maker with her long white hair tied into a braid. She wears the robes of her station as Shaman with little armor to accompany it but numerous pouches around her waist and carries a huge wooden walking staff which likely doubles as a sight seeing stick.


Muria is a gentle soul dedicated to preserving life, from the tiniest seeds to the biggest of constructs. It is towards this end that she attempted a experiment to create a new kind of construct using a spirit of fire in place of a soul, and it is for this reason that she asks for it's suffering to be ended.


  • If you have played the first Darksiders, Muria will give Death the level 5 Pauldron of the Horsemen armor piece, and the level 1 Chaos Fang weapon.
  • Muria is the only Maker character the does not possess their iconic celtic/scottish accent.
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