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I told you this day would come, Sameal! I, Moloch, have come to claim your head...and your kingdom!
— Moloch, upon confronting Sameal as he breaches his throne

Moloch was one of the Demon Masters empowered by Lucifer, and a chief rival of Samael.


Comments by Strife called Moloch a "bottomfeeder", implying he had an unimpressive reputation amongst his fellow Demon Lords, but this would change once Lucifer extended him a hand for aid. Moloch was one of several individuals that Lucifer made a pact with following the war on Eden. The bargain was simple, Moloch's soul upon his death in exchanged for unending strength and invincibility bestowed upon him by a Bloodmantle.

Moloch set to work, bolstering an army with his newfound power to dominate parts of Hell in service to Lucifer.

Darksiders Genesis[]

Feeling emboldened and wanting to destroy Samael as a hated rival, Moloch led a massive invasion force on Samael's kingdom to kill him and take his domain as his own. Moloch fought against Samael directly once his forces breached his fortress and defeated him in a fierce sword duel, forcing Samael to flee and enlist the Horseman Strife and War for aid in recovering his losses. After the Horseman managed to kill the other Demon Masters involved in Lucifer's pacts and destroy the Bloodmantle hidden in his armory, the Horsemen Strife and War confronted Moloch directly after slaughtering his forces in their way with Sameal's help.

Confronting the three, undeterred by the lose of the Bloodmantle, Moloch chose to face the Horsemen alone, and allow his army to watch their duel, boasting that he would make War choke on his words after the Nephilim proclaimed they would learn from him Lucifer's plans, and proclaimed all would know of his superiority once he defeated the Charred Council's Horsemen. Moloch was beaten after an arduous battle but he mocked the Horseman, sneering that they had only played right into Lucifer's hands, and told them his plan was completed. When Strife questioned this, Moloch only mockingly told them they should have been wary of the company they keep, before questioning Samael if he had told the Horsemen of the Animus, which prompted Samael to crush Moloch's head under his heel, killing him at last.


Moloch's powers and combat prowess were such that Samael described him as nearly invincible after being empowered by Lucifer's Bloodmantle and proved as much when he managed to defeat Samael in single combat. Even after losing the Bloodmantle, Moloch was stronger than the average demon and was able to fight against two Horseman at once. Moloch could generate streams of explosive crystals filled with demonic energy and make them explode at will to damage enemies. 


  • Crystal Sword: A longsword coated in a pink crystalline material that Moloch can empower and create explosive crystals, the crystal coating the sword regenerates after shattering indefinitely, allowing Moloch to use this power endlessly.