Moloch was a Demon Lord empowered by Lucifer that controlled a portion of Hell's forces and initiated an attack on Samael's domain. Several comments made to and about him by Strife left the impression that he had an unimpressive reputation and was a "bottomfeeder". However, his dealings with Lucifer granted him enough power to seize much of Hell and take the fight to his rival Samael to add his domain to his own.

Biography Edit

Moloch was one of several individuals that Lucifer made a pact with following the war on Eden. The bargain was simple, Moloch's soul upon his death in exchanged for unending strength bestowed upon him by a Bloodmantle. Moloch set to work, bolstering an army with his newfound power to dominate parts of Hell in service to Lucifer.

Darksiders GenesisEdit

Feeling emboldened and wanting to destroy Samael as a hated rival, Moloch led a massive invasion force on Samael's kingdom to kill him and take his domain as his own. Moloch fought against Samael directly and defeated him, forcing Samael to flee and enlist the Horseman Strife and War for aid. After the Horseman managed to kill the other demon lords involved in Lucifer's pacts and destroy the Bloodmantle hidden in his armory, The Horsemen Strife and War confronted Moloch directly after slaughtering his forces in their way. Moloch was beaten and he mocked the Horseman that his death only completed Lucifer's plan and Samael's untrustworthy deceptions before being killed by Samael.

Powers Edit

Moloch's powers and combat prowess were such that Samael described him as nearly invincible after being empowered by Lucifer's Bloodmantle and proved as much when he managed to defeat Samael in single combat. Even after losing the Bloodmantle, Moloch was stronger than the average demon and was able to fight against two Horseman at once. Moloch could generate streams of explosive crystals filled with demonic energy and make them explode at will to damage enemies. 

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