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Strife and War at Eden
Strife riding Mayhem.
Name Mayhem
Race Phantom Horse
Gender Male
Eyes Blue
Professional Status
Affiliation Strife
Occupation Steed of Strife.
Partner(s) Strife
Relatives Ruin (Horse of War)
Despair (Horse of Death)
Rampage (Horse of Fury)
Alias The White Horse
Weapon Hooves
First Appearance
Debut Darksiders Genesis
What follows Strife, but Mayhem?

Mayhem, known as the White Horse was one of the four horses of the Four Horsemen, with his rider being Strife.


Shortly after agreeing to become one of the Council's chief enforcers, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Strife alongside his siblings were brought to The Horsemaster's realm where they were tasked with bonding with Phantom Horses to serve as their means of transportation


  • Much like Strife, Mayhem is more heavily armored than his siblings among the Four Horsemen.
  • Though Mayhem is called the White Horse, in cutscenes and gameplay, the colors of Mayhem are shown to be purple and grey. However those colors are just his armor and cape. But if you look closely, you can see parts of his skin and mane and they are white.