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Lostlight is one of the major realms of the Angels, but it has known turmoil in recent times. At the center of Lostlight stands the Crystal Spire which is home to Archon Lucien, a mighty angel who peers into the darkness and records all that he sees and is keeper of the Angelic Key to the Well of Souls.


This place is called Lostlight. It is an outpost, far beyond the gates of Heaven. And it is here that the angels have hidden the Key to the Well of Souls.
— Crowfather explaining Lostlight's purpose

Lostlight is an angelic outpost far beyond the gates of Heaven. It is a realm where angels are meant to watch for anything that may threaten the White City.

It is also home to the Angel Key, one of the two keys needed to unlock the Gate to the Well of Souls. It was hidden at this outpost in fear that some amongst the angels may use the key for their own purposes and guarded by Archon Lucien, who resided in the Crystal Spire.

At some point before the Apocalypse, the angel Nathaniel left the Hellguard to guard both the Crystal Spire and the Archon.

After the Apocalypse, Corruption invaded the realm of Lostlight and corrupted the Archon after he witnessed Abaddon transforming into the Destroyer in the pool of visions. The Archon gave into doubts which allowed Corruption to drive him to madness. The Archon soon began slaughtering the rest of the angels, whom he accused of being corrupted, while professing of his own purity. Many other angels fell to corruption such as Jamaerah and others who guarded the realm. Corruption soon made it impossible to reach the Ivory Citadel.

The Archon took refuge in the Crystal Spire with the Angel Key. He continued to look into the pool of visions while claiming that he was resistant to Corruption.

Darksiders 2[]

It was that damned pool! Their use was forbidden for a reason. Whatever vision he saw rent his mind. The Corruption spread from him. He made this city a slaughterhouse, while professing his own purity! Eventually, the Archon fled to the Crystal Spire. He took the key with him.
— Jamaerah explaining the Archon's madness on Lostlight

When Death arrived in search of the Key, the Archon used the situation to his advantage and claimed that the Horseman would have to search the Ivory Citadel for answers. In order to clear the way to the Citadel, the Archon would need the Rod of Arafel. He sent Death to retrieve the relic from Earth.

When the Nephilim returned to the Crystal Spire with the Rod in hand, the Archon cleared the way to the Ivory Citadel and sent Death in search of the Scribe. The Horseman navigated the Corruption infested Citadel only to come face to face with a corrupted Jamaerah, the Scribe. After defeating him, Corruption fled Jamaerah and he revealed that it had been the Archon that had spread Corruption in Lostlight. Death immediately returned to the Crystal Spire and confronted the angel, who attacked him with the Rod of Arafel. The Horseman dueled and killed the corrupted Archon, taking the angelic key to the Well of Souls and departing the realm.[1]



  • If all the pots are broken in this area's Death Tomb, a shower of gold will appear.