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Loom Warden
SpiderA Brood Guardian
Type of Creature Demon
Mode of Travel By foot.
Genders Female
Eyes Blue
Racial Status
Affiliation Hell
Partner(s) Lesser Demons
Weapons Claws
First Appearance
Debut Darksiders

The Loom Wardens are demons featured in Darksiders.


They are four guardians of the Silitha that must be destroyed along with Broodmother to gain entrance to Silitha's Loom.


There are four Loom Wardens who guard Silitha's Loom. They are located in four different places in Iron Canopy.


In order to defeat a Brood Guardian, first use the Abyssal Chain to rip it off of the wall or ceiling if it is not on the same level. Next use the Abyssal Chain to rip off the protective carapace (shell) and slice away. When a Loom Warden attacks, it will either use their front claws to slash at War, or will jump high in the air and try to strike him on the ground. These attacks can all be avoided by dodging, blocking and block countering with Devil's Cross.