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Imprisoned Hellguard Soldier

Light of the Fallen is a side quest in Darksiders II. It is acquired through dialogue with Uriel, Captain of the Hellguard, when Death arrives on Earth. She will task Death with finding her lost Hellguard soldiers who have fallen in battle, yet whose souls remain captured by darkness. Ten of them exist scattered throughout the ruined cityscape, trapped within bony fingers. Death must destroy them to release their souls.

Death Dealer
"See your journey to its end Horseman, you will understand soon enough."
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Locations of the Fallen Hellguard[]

East Section[]

  • 1F - On a wall on the north side of the road before heading uphill to the east after exiting a small building.
  • B1 - SW corner of a square stairwell leading underground, on a wall.
  • B1 - SE hallway after the second staircase down, on the floor in the last alcove.

South Section[]

  • 1F - High on the wall, west side of a dead-end road in north-central street area.
  • 1F - Very high on the side of a SE building in the road area just before the first Noss.
  • 1F - In the South tunnel section with a chest, on a wall in the SE corner on the ledge with a Salvation angelic weapon.
  • 1F - SE in the curved tunnel area, on the floor in a side room.

West Section[]

  • 1F - West end of the bridge area with the second Noss, at the end of the road in a hole.
  • 2F - When passed the bridge support tower, turn around counter clockwise and look up.
  • 2F - On the floor of the last room before returning to the main plaza.

Darksiders 2 - All Trapped Hellguard Locations (Light of the Fallen Side Quest)


After informing Uriel that the fallen Hellguard have been released, she will gift Death with Sunder, a legendary angelic glaive that sometimes shields its wielder.