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Light Angel
AngelAn Angel Soldier.
Type of Creature Angel
Mode of Travel Self-Propelled Flight
Genders Male and Female
Eyes Varies, commonly Blue, Yellow, or White.
Hair Colors Varies, Commonly Blonde or White or unseen (Helmet).
Additional Features The backbone of the Angelic Forces, armored, commonly seen using ranged attacks.
Racial Status
Affiliation Heaven
Occupation Backbone of the Angelic army, Hellguard members.
Partner(s) Other angels.
Weapons Angelic Lance
First Appearance
Debut Darksiders

Light Angels are type of creature featured in Darksiders.


Righteous soldiers of Heaven.
— From "The Art of Darksiders"

Angel Soldiers are airborne soldiers of light, armed with a halberd-alike melee weapon that doubles as a ranged weapon - Angelic Lance. Like all other Hellguard forces they wear a light dark-golden armor that appears to be made with advanced technology. As Angels, they fight for Heaven against the Demonic legions and stand in the front line against Destroyer's army. These Angel Soldiers appear to be quite noble, as they are referred to as great and honorable warriors, and as The Charred Council states "might they be Lords of Heaven...", indicating that they consider them to be high-ranking figures. They now fight under the command of Uriel, since Abaddon died. They harbor a deep hatred of War, as they see him as the responsible for the early Apocalypse and Abaddon's death. The remaining Hellguard forces are incapable of returning to Heaven until the Balance, that was lost due to the Apocalypse, is restored. Since Mankind has been obliterated by Demonic forces, the Light Angels along with all of the Hellguard are apparently trapped forever on Earth, never to return to the White City.


They are fairly tough enemies and like all Angels they are airborne. Also they are equipped with ranged weapon it would be suggested to:

  • If available, throw objects at them
  • Bring them down with Abyssal Chain
  • Get at melee range quickly and bring them to the ground



War first encounters Light Angels during the Apocalypse. After this encounter the next time they are met is at the end of Broken Stair.

Darksiders 2[]

Death first encounters a group of corrupted Light Angels as he approached the Crystal Spire. Nathaniel then came to help him defeat the corrupted angels. When Death traveled to Earth to find the Rod of Arafel he encountered the Light Angels of the Hellguard who helped him hold back the Swarm. He was also asked by Uriel to kill ten Light Angels who were imprisoned by the Destroyer in the Side Quest: Light of the Fallen.