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Lich Spines

Death receiving lich spines


Required Level:


Damage: 138-158
Damage Type: Fast
Wrath Steal: +5%
Special Ability: Lich's Lighting


The City Of The Dead – First Floor: After leaving the central area and moving through the statue room you cannot yet solve, you will enter a hall through the north door. Inside the hallway, use the ledges to reach a post. You will need to use a 180-leap, and then run along the wall to reach the high ledge to find the weapon.


The Lord of Bones used this weapon to depose Argul, The Deposed King, Built from the very bones of his finest warriors, the Lord of Bones imbued his weapon - named the Lich Spines - with tendrils of lighting that sear into foes with every blow. The strike of the Lich Spines can shock an opponent, stealing vital Wrath Energy and transferring it to the wielder.
— In-Game Description, Darksiders II

The Lich Spines were a powerful pair of armblades and the personal weapons of the Lord of Bones.

Both armblades were found while Death was exploring the City of the Dead.