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Death: Pity, I was starting to enjoy the atmosphere.
Lord of Bones: Then you have not been here long.
Kingdom of the dead

Kingdom of the Dead

The Kingdom of the Dead is a barren purgatory realm where souls are judged before they reach their final destination. With the arrival of the apocalypse to Earth and the death of the Human race, there are a few billion more inhabitants of this location. As such, at least for the time being, the Kingdom of the Dead is somewhat overrun.


Upon death, most inhabitants of other worlds (including animals such as Stalkers and Prowlers) are drawn to the Kingdom of the Dead, so that they can be judged for their crimes and purified in The City of the Dead, before being sent on to the Well of Souls and on to their new lives or into the Abyss. An exception to this appears to be Makers who are too ancient to pass through the Well of Souls and instead put their souls into Constructs or the stone of their world - the Forge Lands.

Being devoid of any living thing, the Kingdom of the Dead is a barren desert referred to as the Dead Plains. Many souls go mad or otherwise escape on their way to the City of the Dead, and end up haunting the various mausoleums and structures scattered across and under the Plains, these become the Undead.

The Kingdom of the Dead is ruled and administered by the Lord of Bones, his devious Chancellor from The Eternal Throne, a flying ship pulled by two enormous undead Leviathans. Previously, The Judicator, The Phariseer and Basileus all served as well. The current Lord of Bones took the position after he and The Chancellor ousted the previous ruler, Argul who was described as "too mad to be kept upon the throne".[1]

Overworld Regions[]



  • The lantern-holding statues in this realm are based on the Vigil Games logo.
  • Skeletons hanging in crow cages, while appearing decorative, can actually be shot with Redemption for loot and experience.
  • The Kingdom of the Dead despite its name does not seem to possess any direct connection with the Horseman Death himself.