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The Keeper of Oblivion is one of the most feared underlings of the Charred Council, possibly as feared as Death himself. He is described as being tall and broad shouldered, but emaciated to the point of being skeleton-like. Despite this, he is said to give the impression of having boundless strength.

He is shown to be very well spoken, polite, and fairly quiet. The Keeper, much like Death, has not been seen without a mask, which consists of a slab of metal with tear-like trails of corrosion coming from the eye slits. The elder Horseman considers the Keeper a kindred spirit and arguably the closest thing he has to a friend outside the Four Horsemen. His title is his purpose: he functions as a punisher of souls sentenced by the Charred Council. By using a large, mirror like portal, he can send them into Oblivion, thus erasing them from existence entirely. He refuses to question the council's judgement on the matters of who he sends there as a means of protecting his sanity.


The Abomination Vault[]

After Death discovered that someone was searching for the Abominations, he came to talk to the Keeper. He did not seek to be consoled, but wished to express his feelings regarding the Grand Abominations and his guilt for his part in their creation, a feeling he was unused to. He felt that the Keeper was one of the few beings in Creation that might understand. During the conversation the Crowfather sent Death a telepathic message through Dust, revealing the involvement of an angel in the conspiracy, after which the Horseman left.

Later, when Death had escaped Hadrimon and Belisatra with the blood of the Ravaiim, the Horseman came to the Keeper to ask him to send the blood to Oblivion. At first the Keeper was resistant, but Death managed to persuade him to open the gate and send the blood through so that nobody could use it to awaken the Abominations ever again. When the deed was done, the Keeper asked Death to leave.

Abilities and Skills[]

Despite Keeper´s abilities are largely unknown, due to his position and fearsome reputation which rival Death himself, it can be easily said that he must be incredible powerfull being. Most notably he is the only one who can control portal to the Oblivion.