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“ -Karn: "Most people call me pup or lad, but I prefer my own name, Karn"
-Death: "Pup it is then".
— Karn to Death.

Karn is a character appearing in Darksiders II. He is the youngest of his kind within the Forge Lands, and is sometimes referred to as "Pup" by the other Makers (and even by Death). Karn is an integral part of the side quest "Shaman's Craft", and is the quest giver for the "Lost and Found" series of side quests. Karn also accompanies Death through the Foundry.


Darksiders II[]

When Death arrived in the Forge Lands, Karn served as his guide to both the Cauldron and the Drenchfort. When Death had restored the Maker's Forge and received the Maker's Key from Elder Eideard, Karn helped him traverse the Foundry and finish the incomplete Guardian, though the construct proved infested by Corruption. Later, Karn returned to Tri-Stone.