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Entrance to the Judicator's Tomb

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The Judicator's Dais

The Judicator's Tomb is a dungeon in the Kingdom of the Dead, located in the most southern part of the Spine. As it's name suggests, it is home of Lord Judicator. This is the second tomb Death has to enter in order to complete the main quest of Darksiders II.


The visible outside part bears a close resemblance with the Phariseer's Tomb, especially the entrance gate.

The tomb itself consists of a circular well, in which resides Judicator, and three towers. As he enters Death will confront the Dead Lord but soon will be tasked to find and bring back three wandering souls (one in each tower).

Into this place, Death will face for the first time powerfull enemies: the Lich, the Tormentor and the Bone Giant, the latter beeing the real dungeon's boss.