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"All of creation cares not whether you live or die."
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I have no time for the likes of you, Horseman. I hear the pleas of the dead. Not the damned.
— The Judicator upon meeting Death

The Judicator is the second of the three Lords of the Dead Court.



Sworn to serve the Lord of Bones, the King of the Dead, the Judicator, along with the other Dead Lords, abandoned his duties and went in search of Corruption, but retreated to his tomb when the Dead King brushed aside their concerns for the Kingdom of the Dead. For refusing to answer when summoned, the Lord of Bones dearly punished the Dead Lords.

Darksiders II[]

The Lord of Bones dispatched Death to retrieve them and bring them back to him, giving him the Interdiction ability to allow him to command them.

Unlike the other two Lords who wouldn't go without a fight, the Judicator still claimed loyalty to the Lord of Bones, willing to serve despite the punishment he'd received. He confronted Death as soon as the First Horseman arrived in his tomb and proposed a deal, offering to go with Death freely if the Horseman found and returned the three Lost Souls wandering his tomb, so that he may judge them and send them on their way to the City of the Dead. Once judgment had been passed on all three souls, he fulfilled his promise and agreed to follow Death. However, despite his loyalty, when the Dead Lords are brought before the Lord of Bones, the Dead King summarily executes all three of them for their original betrayal.


  • A Judicator refers to someone who acts as a judge.