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Jailer is a boss enemy featured in Darksiders, serving as the third boss of the game.


The Jailer's hulking torso is formed from the remains of countless cadavers. Hanging from this shroud of decayed flesh are cages where the souls of those killed by the Jailer remain trapped. These souls can be summoned as rotting corpses to serve the Jailer's command. As the undead mob harries his prey, their master crushes the victim beneath his cage. The demons hint that some darker secret lies hidden within the Jailer's hideous frame.

He acts as one of the game's Bosses. He is most likely a body controlled by a single corpse, as seen when the Jailer falls down and a corpse comes out of the Jailer's body in the area where the Jailer's heart is, in order to wake him up. War also has to kill this corpse in order to kill the Jailer. Little information is known about him, yet one thing is known: all who are slaughtered by him spend the rest of eternity in his cages. The Jailer also has the ability to call for Undead soldiers to help him in the heat of the battle against War.


The Jailer is the first boss found in the Twilight Cathedral. War needs to defeat him in order to gain access to one of the three swords needed to open the way to Tiamat. The strategy for this boss is to target all three yellow pustules on his shoulder with your Crossblade and let that take them out. Once the three pustules have been taken out by your crossblade he will fall down in pain, an undead will fall out of the cage embedded in where his heart is. Go up to it and hit it in the face a few times until he gets back up again. He will then go berserk and the pustules will turn red. The only thing you can do is run away from him until he calms down and his pustules turn yellow. Then you repeat the process until his pustules are red but he isn't running around destroying things. When this has happened, charge up your crossblade and hit him a few times until it says you can finish him off. The Giant B/Circle will appear above his head so you will have to look up. Don't mind the little minions running around during this boss fight, as long as you keep moving they shouldn't be able to attack you. The Jailer can also be found at the Dry Road on a return visit. This is not a hard fight, for all you need to do is jump onto a higher ledge and attack The Jailer from the safety of the ledge.