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The visual representation of Interdiction.

Find my three Dead Lords, and wake them from their slumber. This will bend them to your will.
— The Lord of Bones, granting Death the Interdiction ability.

Interdiction is an ability in Darksiders II, granted to Death by the Lord of Bones. When the Lord of Bones sends Death to retrieve the Lords of the Dead Court (the Phariseer, the Judicator, and Basileus) who have abandoned their duties to the King, he grants him Interdiction, the power to summon and command the Dead Lords, once they have agreed to come with him.

In practice, once the Phariseer has been defeated, Interdiction allows Death to call upon him while standing on special summoning circles. Then, he can order him to switch levers, pull or push cranks, and press buttons (by transforming into a statue while upon the button). This also applies to the Judicator. This is necessary to solve puzzles encountered in the Kingdom of the Dead, as the Dead Lords can become intangible and pass through grates and doors, similarly to the way Dust can follow Death anywhere. The Dead Lords, if summoned, will also help Death do battle with hostile enemies nearby, which is helpful, but they too have their own set health bar, and should they take too much damage, they flee from the battlefield to recover; at this point Death can simply return to a summoning circle and re-summon them. Death cannot summon Basileus during gameplay, only during the cutscene in which he summons all three lords before the Dead King.

Once Death has recruited all three Dead Lords, he returns them to the Lord of Bones, who promptly executes all three of them for betraying him. At this point, the Dead King removes the Interdiction ability from Death, though with the Dead Court slain, it wouldn't have been useful anyway. In exchange, and possibly as a reward for his help, the Lord of Bones grants Death a new ability, Soul Splitter, which allows Death to utilize similar abilities to Interdiction all by himself.