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The Icebound Giant is a gigantic ice monster who appears in the Darksiders II as a boss, it serves as the first/penultimate boss of The Veil and is overall the very first boss of Darksiders II.


A huge skeletal being made of ice, the Icebound Giant is encountered during Death's search for the Crowfather, despite his massive size, the Icebound Giant was no match for Death and was defeated after Death transformed into his Reaper form, tore off the Icebound Giant's head and spine area, and then slams it onto the Icebound Giant's body.

Similar enemies called Frost Giants appear in the Argul's Tomb DLC.


The Icebound Giant serves as an introduction to brute-type opponents so Death should use the battle as an opportunity to learn its tactics in preparation for later encounters. The monster attacks with slow but powerful fists slams so it is recommended to circle around the boss where its attacks are less likely to connect. Death should employ a hit and run strategy against the Giant and rely on his superior speed and evasion to bring it down.



Darksiders 2 Icebound Gigant Apocalyptic


  • Gnashor and Bone Giant, both of which are later on fought in Kingdom of the Dead, share a similar design as the Icebound Giant, tho in the case with Gnashor, it starte out as a serpent-like form before gaining the body and fetering new attacks exclusive to Gnashor, but in the case with Bone Giant, it posses the same A.I as the Icebound Giant, tho it posses new attacks.
  • The Ice Bound Giant is the first and(so-far) only Opening Boss of the mainline Darksiders series to posses no firepower-based attacks, Straga of Darksiders can launch out heat ground waves, while Envy of Darksiders III can create both shock-waves and dropping blue energy blasts.