The forms of fury, after using the Lord of the Hollows power

The Fire Hollow... Something changes when I hold it. I can feel its power running my hands!


Throughout the game, Fury acquires spheres of magical energy (Hollow) from the enigmatic Lord of the Hollows as she defeats the Seven Deadly Sins and proves her worth. Each of these Hollows provides new elemental abilities and a new form for Scorn. The Hollows are as mysterious as their lord, their power only available to him, his followers, and the inhabitants of the Serpent Holes. The magic is intimately tied to the workings of the mechanisms, while anyone can enter only someone with the Hollows might at their back can thrive in the realm.

  • Flame Hollow - While in the Flame Hollow, Fury encounters the Lord of the Hollows who gifts her with Fire magic. Using the Flame Hollow, Fury can wade through Lava, acquire a double jump ability, and burn down both enemies as well as obstacles. Fury's hair is fiery when using this Hollow.
  • Force Hollow - Through this Hollow holding the essence of Force itself, Fury is able to both collect and precisely focus Force energies into concentrated attacks. Using the Force Hollow, Fury shatters Force walls and can form a ball around her of stony crystal like shards providing both defense, offense and the ability to scale crystaline walls. Fury's density also increases to the point that she can walk underwater instead of swimming. Fury's hair glows purple with Force when using this Hollow.
  • Storm Hollow - A Hollow that grants Fury command of the Storm in the form of Wind and Electricity, allowing her to summon electrified tornadoes, hover through the air or catch an updraft to fly to places unreachable by normal means. Fury's hair glows yellow and is electrified when using this Hollow
  • Stasis Hollow - A Hollow that gifts Fury the power of Time in the form of temporal Stasis, making it possible to walk on water, scale between Stasis walls, and trap enemies and obstacles in a rippling cyan Stasis field. Fury's hair glows cyan and is electrified when using this Hollow.


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