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The forms of Fury, after using the Lord of the Hollows power

Something changes when I hold it. I can feel its power running my hands!


Throughout Darksiders III, Fury acquires spheres of magical energy (Hollow) from the enigmatic Lord of the Hollows as she defeats the Seven Deadly Sins and proves her worth. Each of these Hollows provides new elemental abilities and a new form for Scorn as well as her Wrath attacks changing accordingly. The Hollows are as mysterious as their lord, due to their power available to only him, his followers, and the inhabitants of the Serpent Holes. The magic is intimately tied to the workings of the mechanisms; while anyone can enter the Holes, only someone with the Hollows' might supporting them can thrive in the realm.

  • Flame Hollow - While using the Flame Hollow, Fury is gifted with Fire magic. Using the Flame Hollow, Fury can wade through Lava, acquire a double jump ability, and burn down both enemies as well as obstacles. Fury's hair is fiery when using this Hollow. Her weapon become the Chains of Scorn, twin sharp blades on chains able to be swung rapidly for multiple attacks while weak in damage, make up in sheer quantity.
    • Counterattack: Her counterattack sets enemies ablaze.
    • Wrath Ability: Her wrath ability becomes a fiery aura, that inflicts fire damage on all enemies nearby. As a result, Fury is not able to change her Hollow form until it ends.
  • Storm Hollow - A Hollow that grants Fury command of the Storm in the form of Wind and Electricity, thereby allowing her to summon electrified tornadoes, hover through the air or catch an updraft to fly to places unreachable by normal means. Fury's hair glows yellow and is electrified when using this Hollow. Her weapon become the Lance of Scorn, a long-range spear suitable for mid-fast strikes and is able to summon a lightning bolt on whoever is unfortunate to be on the sharp end of it.
    • Counterattack: Her counterattack sends a lightning bolt down onto the enemy with lasting damage.
    • Wrath Ability: While her wrath ability summons electrically charged tornadoes that encircle Fury, shocking all enemies nearby.
  • Force Hollow - Through this Hollow holding the essence of Force and gravity itself, Fury is able to both collect and precisely focus Force energies into concentrated attacks. Using the Force Hollow, Fury shatters Force walls and can form a ball around her of stony crystal-like shards providing both defense, offense and the ability to scale crystalline walls. Fury's density also increases to the point that she can walk underwater instead of swimming and resist strong winds. Fury's hair glows purple with Force when using this Hollow. Her weapon becomes the Mallet of Scorn, a heavy hammer that is able to shatter walls and easily break the defense of the toughest enemies.
    • Counterattack: Her counterattack slams her weapon down and pushes all enemies away from her, dealing heavy damage.
    • Wrath Ability: Her wrath ability pulls all enemies nearby, and unleashed a large circular burst of force that deals incredible damage all around Fury.
  • Stasis Hollow - A Hollow that gifts Fury the power of Time and space in the form of an ice-like temporal Stasis, making it possible to slow the flow of time, that enables her to walk on water, scale between Stasis walls, and trap enemies and obstacles in a rippling frost-like Stasis field (time-voids). Fury's hair glows cyan and is electrified when using this Hollow. Her weapon becomes the Edge of Scorn, a perfectly balanced large Broadsword capable of splitting into two swords for a mix of fast and heavy attacks which are able to slows the enemy down. The sword cut through time and space, injuring opponents on all planes of existence, with a range of different attacks.
    • Counterattack: Her counterattack slows her targets at range.
    • Wrath Ability: Her wrath ability becomes a Stasis shield in form of an icy-like aura, that makes her invulnerable and slows all enemies who decided to attack her, as punishment. A side effect of these ability is that Fury can not change her Hollow form until it ends.


  • The content Keepers of the Void DLC[1] grant Fury an upgraded form for her secondary Hollow weapons with slightly different movesets and stronger stats.
    • The Flails become a pair of claws, the Spear becomes a double-bladed polearm, the Mallet becomes an axe (with a much faster striking speed) and the Blades become a pair of scythes.
      • The Scythes of Scorn are able to fuse into a single scythe in a manner almost identical to Death's own scythes.