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Azrael and Abaddon within Heaven.

Heaven (also known as The First Kingdom and the White City), is one of the realms that makes up the universal Balance featured in the Darksiders Series.


The domain as well as an outpost of the Angelic host, its residence are wholeheartedly dedicated to what they believe to be the Creator's will, though he does not interfere in their affairs. While many Angels still remain in the Kingdom itself, many of them have died in the Apocalypse. It is unknown if there are more Archangels within, although it is very possible. The realm is dictated by rules and perceptions of righteousness, and the Angel race live within the realm to enforce law and discipline upon its residents.



Not much is actually known about this realm in the Darksiders universe other than its existence and that originally, at the onset of the Apocalypse, its Earthbound armies were led by the Archangel Abaddon who falls in combat during Darksiders' prologue. With Abaddon's apparent death, and victory of the Apocalypse pronounced in favor of the forces of Hell, the portals which would have allowed the Angels to retreat back into the First Kingdom were prematurely closed, stranding them on the desolate Earth. The remnants of the Angelic forces, the Hellguard, are now led by Abaddon's successor, Uriel.

Darksiders II[]


Death never actually visits the White City, but he does visit a realm close to and controlled by the forces of Heaven: Lostlight.