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Health is a game mechanic in both Darksiders games. The life essence of a Horseman is pictured by a thick green bar in the upper-left corner of the gamescreen. Each time the player is wounded by an attack or by a deadly environment, the bar will diminish. It will grow again with green orbs*.

In Darksiders, if the bar is not empty it can be replenished by opening chests or killing enemies who will drop green souls. The bar itself could be upgraded by collecting four stones called Lifestone Shards. Each time War collects four Lifestone Shards, it will add a skull-like icon just over the bar. You also gain a full Lifestone when you kill one of The Chosen.

In Darksiders II, the bar has a constant length and if not empty has to be replenished with a Health Potion. This length can be increased by leveling up.

*Only in the first Darksiders.